We’ve all seen the movies where the piano rolls down the stairs, banging and clanging and usually chasing the villain away, or running them over. While it provides slapstick laughs in movies and cartoons, seeing a real life piano roll away is no laughing matter! If you’re looking for a professional and reliable piano removalist in Werribee, come to the team at Werribee Hoppers Crossing Removals & Storage.

Pianos can present a challenge for people moving house, with their large and often awkward shape making them difficult to move. Despite their size, pianos are also extremely delicate, with thousands of individual inner pieces to protect. Our highly skilled piano movers have 15 years’ experience caring for these stunning and expensive instruments throughout the removals process.

We use modern tools and specialised transport and lifting equipment to ensure both the polished facade and intricate inner workings of the piano are protected. Our equipment and knowledge also ensures the health of the removalists, while protecting the surfaces coming into contact with the piano, including floors and walls of both the current home and new home. Don’t risk an injury or damage to the piano – come to the expert piano removalists at Werribee Hoppers Crossing Removals & Storage.

We cater to all types of pianos, from baby grand through to concert grand pianos and a range of vertical pianos, including studio pianos commonly found in school music rooms. Our professional piano movers are experienced in both home and commercial piano removals, and we can fit-out arenas or concert halls for musicians as well as schools and other educational facilities.

Don’t worry if you live in an apartment, our piano removalist team can easily navigate stairs and small spaces. Our removal trucks are equipped with blankets, padding and a range of ties and other supports to ensure your piano reaches its destination safely. We also offer interstate removals and packing services that keep us apart from the competition.

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